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What can I do to lower my car insurance premium?

When it comes to saving money there are many incentives that insurance companies offer. This varies greatly but it doesn't hurt to ask. Here are some things you may have missed.

  1. Multi-car discount - you would be surprised how many times family members under the same roof have different policies with different companies by themselves. Every company that I have worked with offers multi-car discount with savings of up to 15%.

  2. Paperless discount - Instead of receiving documents by regular mail you can receive them via e-mail and the savings are commonly from $10 to $50 per term, depending on the size of the policy.

  3. Automatic payments - When the monthly payment is deducted from your account automatically every month there is usually discount with most companies.

  4. Multi-Policy discount - Companies like Progressive offer this. If you have a motorcycle, trailer-home, boat, or commercial policy with them already you should really quote that personal auto as well.

  5. Prior discount - This discount can go from not applying at all to being up to 30%. If you are not comfortable with what you are paying now you should really check to see what other companies are willing to offer you.

  6. Paid in full discount - This discount is one that many are aware of but can vary greatly from one company to another.

  7. Homeowners discount - This one is important because many times an agent can forget to ask or a person can buy a home and not inform them.

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