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Florida Occupational Licensing Reform

Updated: May 25, 2022

Today, as I was telling my younger sister about this bill that passed last year she responded by saying "Florida is such a corporate-friendly state, it's ridiculous". She had a good point. Florida is leading the way in reforming the licensing requirement needed for certain contractors to operate n the state of Florida. On Tuesday, April 26, 2021, Legislature passed a bill, House Bill 735, that helps many laborers operate without a license, for work that probably shouldn't require a license.

Some of these jobs include flooring, painting, stuccoing, tile, marble, granite, or terrazzo installation, interior remodeling, cabinetry, as well as many services that fell under the category of "handyman services". For most of the listed occupations, any existing local licensing requirements must expire by July 1, 2023.

Part of what I do is help many individuals start their companies/corporations and get their proper documentation in place in order for them to perform work legally and obtain contracts from general contractors. This bill makes the process incredibly easier.

I think that this should really help so many people. Many contractors are really good at what they do but had to pay fees, show proof of prior employment, and have to wait, to... paint a wall? I agree with my sister. Florida is leading the way when it comes to common sense for laborers. I chose to write about it and share it because I still run into many contractors who are not aware of this law. This could be one of the contributing factors for so many individuals who are moving to Florida.

For more information on House Bill No. 735, which took effect July 1, 2021 click on the link below.

House Bill No. 735_Local Occupational Licensing_State Wide (002)
Download PDF • 37KB

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