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Homeowners Insurance

We can probably agree that your home is one of your most important financial assets. That is why it is important to review the wind mitigation credits that are currently being applied. It is possible that there are certain changes that can be done to your home that you may greatly benefit from. These changes will not only bring more protection to your home but will also save you more money on your homeowners policy each year you renew. That is why the first thing we do is review your wind mitigation inspection with you so that you be aware of these opportunities.*

Key Categories in the State of FL:

  • Roof Covering                              

  • Roof Deck Attachment

  • Roof to Wall Attachment

  • Roof Geometry                        

  • Gable End Bracing                 

  • Wall Construction  Type

  • Second Water Barrier

  • Opening Protection(e.g. Hurricane Shutters)                  

*Purchasing a wind mitigation inspection is at your own discretion. The potential cost-savings per year could outweigh the cost very easily. 

Condo Insurance

Although your association probably has its own insurance there are many reasons why anyone will want to get their own personal policy. H0-6 policies are designed especially for condominium unit owners. They help protect your assets and what is inside of your unit. This means you will have liability protection that will cover you from incidents such as someone slipping and falling on your kitchen floor. 

What these policies cover:

  • Fire or Lightning

  • Windstorm

  • Personal Liability Protection

  • Theft

  • Vandalism or Malicious Mischief

Dwelling Insurance

"Dwelling insurance" is a type of insurance that covers rental properties or non-owner occupied homes. It is very different than a homeowners policy in many ways. Let's take at what this means:

Homeowners Policy                                           

Dwelling & Fire Policy

Dwelling: Stated amount  will be paid to repair or rebuild your home.                                                         

Other Structures: 10% of dwelling coverage will apply to repair or replace structures such as patios, sheds, detached garages, etc


Personal Property: Actual cash value or cost to replace personal belongings will apply.                                  

                                                                                          Loss of Use: Helps homeowners rent a temporary place while home is being replaced or rebuilt.                           


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Dwelling: Stated amount will be paid to repair or rebuilty our home.


Other Structures: Added optionally, not automatic. 

Personal Property: Tenants belongings usually not covered. The landlord can optionally insure belongings used to furnish the home, e.g. refrigerator.


Loss of Use: Helps tenant rent a temporary

place while home is being replaced or rebuilt.

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